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A bathroom remodel is a big undertaking, but the payoff can be huge. Whether you’re itching to remodel and are just looking for the perfect excuse, or whether you have a sneaking suspicion it’s time to make changes, these reasons to invest in a bathroom remodel will give you the necessary justification to take the plunge.

Your Life Has Changed

You bought the home when it was just the two of you, and now you have a toddler with a baby on the way. Your tiny bathroom is already too cramped for bathing the one toddler, but adding another one to the mix is going to make things even more difficult. Or you’re done raising children, are ready to retire, and you want to age in place. Or perhaps you’re taking in a roommate to help pay the mortgage, and you need more privacy. Whatever the life change, if your bathroom isn’t cutting it, that’s a good sign it’s time to invest in a bathroom remodel.

Added Value

Tastefully-done updates often increase a home’s value and make it more desirable once on the market. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry reports that a quality bathroom remodel will recoup 50% of the cost you put into the project. The fact is: people want nice bathrooms, and they could be turned away by a bathroom that is dated or lacking in function.

More Efficiency

If your bathroom is old, it’s likely not using energy in an efficient way. Too much wasted water, poor lighting capabilities, and more make the space not only less enjoyable to be in, but a big money waster. This is a good time to think of energy-efficient toilets, showers, and more. Plus, if your bathroom is old enough that it doesn’t have sufficient air circulation, you could be dealing with mildew and mold.

Increase Safety

A bathroom remodel is a great time to think about the safety of the space. If you plan to age in place, or may one day want to sell your home, accessible bathrooms are a good idea. In a bathroom remodel, you can install a zero-threshold shower for ease in getting in and out of the shower. You can also consider non-slip tile, handrails, a shower seat, and more.

Repair Damage

Water damage from a leak. Mold damage from uncirculated air. Paint damage from a curious butter-knife-wielding toddler. Cracked tile from the time your teenager thought lifting weights (and dropping them) in the bathroom was a good idea…

Whatever the reason, if you have damage in your bathroom, take the time to remodel before it gets worse.

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